I LOVE VISUAL STORYTELLING and consider myself an idea generator first and foremost.

— Maritza Buelvas

I enjoy producing original, clickable stories in the beauty and lifestyle space for brands, blogs and celebrity sites nationwide. As a visual artist and content curator,      I look forward to learning what I can do for you!

I love working in my design studio, decorating our new family home, almond butter on almost anything, date nights, long walks, and being a boy mom above all else. I'd love to learn more about you...feel free to contact me below.



“A knack for all things visual-a talent that means her designs, tutorials, and editorials have become necessities on blogs across the web.” -The Newsette, July 5, 2006

"Maritza Buelvas—the beauty writer and hair artist behind Beauty For Bloggers—is one woman whose opinion you can unequivocally trust when it comes to your locks." - Glitter Guide, November 16, 2015

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