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I LOVE VISUAL STORYTELLING and consider myself an idea generator first and foremost.

I enjoy producing original, clickable stories in the beauty and lifestyle space for brands, blogs and celebrity sites nationwide. As a visual artist and content curator, I look forward to learning what I can do for you. 


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Learn How I Became A Beauty Editor

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Content, Artistry & Design Services

I have extensive experience curating content remotely for the web. Based in Chicago, I conduct tastemaker interviews, produce my own brand of trademark tutorials, and provide editorials and reviews for companies based in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City. I currently serve as a beauty writer + hair tutorial ninja for DIY lifestyle giant, a beauty-lifestyle editor for Cameron Diaz's The Body Book blog, and content writer for Conde Nast's


I welcome freelance web design, copywriting, editorial and tutorial inquiries, along with local projects and beauty-based artistry assignments. Experiences also include serving as a beauty editor for The Everygirl and contributions for prestige outlets and brands such as Byrdie, Glitter Guide, Free People, BHLDN, John Paul DeJoria's JP Selects, Fab Fit Fun and Darling Magazine. I also have the honor of serving as Lauren's first guest beauty contributor.


'The Maritza Effect'

I love putting my own twist on digital content development. Here are a few of my specialities. 


Visual focused content

Innovative beauty and lifestyle stories featuring gorgeously, original curated visuals, flatlays and shop-worthy PS files.


Copy and web design

Juicy copy and delicious design for your personal brand.


trademark tutorials

My original DIY spin on all-things-beauty, especially HAIR.

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